Focus Your Inner Energy With Age-Old Meditation Techniques

Focus Your Inner Energy With Age-Old Meditation Techniques

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Meditation is a multifaceted feature of Tang Soo Do with limitless purposes. When you train at Tang Soo Do of Central New York in Little Falls, NY, you'll work on ki gong meditation from the very beginning. With practice, you'll be able to meditate with a simple thought or breath. You can meditate to relax and achieve mental balance in any situation. A proper frame of mind will help you handle life's challenges and improve your martial art skills.

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Why should you get ki gong meditation training from us?

Master Molinaro has practiced ki gong meditation for 25 years under Master John Barry Beam. He's also worked over the past decade to hone the physical aspects of this practice under the guidance of Grandmaster Jae C. Shin. If you want to focus your inner energy to improve your life, we can help you reach your goals.

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