Tang Soo Do of Central New York

Tang Soo Do of Central New York

We provide Tang Soo Do instruction in Little Falls, NY

Congratulations! You have either directly or indirectly sought out this site because you are looking for quality Martial Arts. Our humble dojang is dedicated to just that. The pages and links provided will help you learn more about us. We hope you find what you need, or contact us with questions. In the meantime, let us assure you that you can find a home here at Tang Soo Do of Central New York. Our purpose for training is as follows:

  1. SELF-DEFENSE: We protect our lives and possessions from injustice and danger.
  2. HEALTH: We promote our physical and spiritual health and enjoy strong bodies and sound minds through rigorous training.
  3. BETTER PERSON: We strive to be of better character through endurance and hard work.


Throughout the dojang you will find a wealth of information from instructors with experience and good attitudes. We recognize that every student is an individual. Each has strengths and weaknesses. We are committed to the self-improvement of each student.

In other words, the student is never a stranger to the instructors, and never lost in the crowd. Sometimes the teachings and training are tough, but it is a "tough love." You may (as a student or parent) trust the instructors completely. We have had over 30 years of student success, and our teaching methods are tried and true. Our instructors are in service to the students.

This is our promise to you!