Wield Traditional Karate Weapons With Poise and Skill

Wield Traditional Karate Weapons With Poise and Skill

Ask about our flexible and edged weapon training in Little Falls, NY

Tang Soo Do of Central New York in Little Falls, NY provides a unique training experience. If you're anywhere from a brown belt to a second-degree black belt, you'll train with edged and flexible weapons. We'll go over the hyung or form needed to wield each weapon. The techniques you'll practice will be up to the standards of the World Tang Soo Do Association.

We'll teach you how to use a:

  • Bong, which is a staff
  • Dan gum, which is a dagger
  • Jang gum, which is a sword

Call 315-717-1380 today for more information about our weapon training.

Our masters have trained with the best

Master Molinaro has trained with edged and flexible weapons for almost twenty years. He gained his knowledge from Masters Michael Kaye and Scott Homscheck. They put on a three-day seminar for knife fighting and rope defense called The Warrior's Path. Master Molinaro has attended these seminars since they were started.

Senior students can practice with Master Molinaro and the other senior instructors. Eventually, you can get invited to train at The Warrior's Path, too. Get in touch with us now to learn more about our weapon training.